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Dallas Drug Crime Attorney

Types of Drug Charges in Texas

  • Intent to Sell / Intent to Deliver
  • Manufacture, Sale, Trafficking, and Distribution
  • Proximity Enhancements – Schools / Churches
  • Property Forfeiture
  • Weapons Charges
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
  • “White Collar” Criminal Charges: money laundering/racketeering
  • Federal Narcotics Charges

As a former Chief Felony Prosecutor and Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, James Aulbaugh is ready to assist you with your case.  Call Today: 214-500-0430.

James Aulbaugh is well-versed in federal and state drug charges, including those involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, OxyContin, mushrooms, ecstasy, and other types and classes of drugs.

In State or Federal drug offenses, you need an aggressive, experienced Dallas drug crime attorney who can protect your rights and win your case. As a Former Chief Felony Prosecutor with 13 years of experience and Board Certification in Criminal Law, James Aulbaugh is ready to assist you with your case.  Call Today: 214-500-0430.

What to do if you’ve been arrested.

You are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Police and the prosecution must observe your constitutional rights at all times. When you need a drug crime lawyer in Texas, James Aulbaugh, can aggressively investigate the circumstances of your arrest to identify any errors or weaknesses such as:

  • Illegal Search and Seizure
  • Lack of Probable Cause
  • Improper Evidence Collection and Storage
  • Illegal and Involuntary Confessions
  • Lab Errors

As a former Chief Felony Prosecutor and Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, James Aulbaugh is dedicated  to securing the best results possible on your case. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an attorney who will simply push you to a plea bargain and a conviction.  James Aulbaugh will fight your case, ensure you are informed, and ensure you can make the best decisions related to your case.

Texas Drug Crime Cases: Alternative Sentencing Options 

In Texas, controlled substances convictions can lead to a sentence of imprisonment and heavy fines. The best option is to avoid conviction. When all options are exhausted and sentencing is unavoidable, it may be possible for the person to qualify for a different penalty to minimize or completely avoid incarceration.

Other penalty options may include:

  • Probation: Also called community supervision, the court may impose a sentence, or suspend all or a portion of the sentence, and require a term of probation to be served in lieu of the suspended sentence.
  • Deferred adjudication: This grants an individual probation before he or she is convicted of the crime. The individual pleads guilty or no contest to the crime and the court withholds entry of judgment of conviction. If the person successfully completes the probation period, the charge is dismissed. However, if the individual commits a crime or violates the conditions while on probation, the individual is returned to court for sentencing.
  • Drug court: Drug court programs have been implemented in several Texas counties.  Individuals selected to participate are screened to determine whether they suffer from substance abuse problems which should be addressed through rehabilitation treatment instead of incarceration.
  • Court-ordered treatment: If an individual is convicted of a misdemeanor offense, the judge can send the person to a treatment center for up to 90 days instead of imposing a fine or sentence.
  • Electronic monitoring: Commonly known as “House Arrest”, the court can authorize a person who has received a jail sentence to serve all or a portion of that sentence at home. 
  • Work release: If a court imposes a jail confinement as a condition of probation or imposes that sentence be served in county jail, the court can authorize the confinement to be served during non-working hours so that individual can continue employment. In addition, the court can authorize release for the person to receive mental health, substance abuse, or health treatment.
  • Community service: A judge can order a person to complete community service instead of serving a jail sentence or a portion of the sentence.  This result is unavailable if a jury imposed the sentence of confinement.

Federal Drug Laws & Penalties

Federal drug arrests and charges are complex and often thoroughly investigated.  Whether your allegations consist of federal drug trafficking, drug manufacturing or illegal sale of prescription drugs, you are entitled to retain an attorney who understands both state and federal laws and can advocate fight the cases on your behalf.

You are innocent until proven guilty.  James Aulbaugh can thoroughly investigate and analyze your case to determine if any actions of the law enforcement agents were illegal.  We will aggressively and zealously fight your case to help avoid the penalties of state and federal drug charges.  

Get Representation for Your Drug Charges in Texas

Whether you are accused of drug trafficking in Texas, illegal possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing of drugs or the intent to sell and distribute them, James Aulbaugh is prepared to defend you through every stage of the criminal justice system. If this is your first drug offense, there may be options to obtain a reduction of charges.

In addition, there are often reasons for requesting dismissal of the charges. Contact the Aulbaugh Law Firm to schedule an consultation and let us help you determine the best options concerning your case. As a former Chief Felony Prosecutor and Board Certification in Criminal Law, James Aulbaugh can ensure you are thoroughly informed and represented.

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