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Combining Experience and Expertise for One Purpose: Winning

Aulbaugh Law Firm has over 13 years of experience, we have handled cases of every variety and would be happy to represent you on your matter. No matter what type of case, we combine experience an expertise to achieve one purpose:  to win your case. Located in Dallas, Texas, we serve clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the State of Texas.

Why Aulbaugh Law?

Experienced, Board Certified Legal Representation in Dallas:
Fighting to Win Every Case

James Aulbaugh uses his exceptional experience, board certification, and relentless work ethic to guide each client through the complex Texas and federal criminal justice systems.  James pursues your case with one goal in mind: winning your case. James Aulbaugh is a Former Chief Felony Prosecutor who has handled over 10,000 cases, including participating in over 120 jury trials.  James is also one of just 800 attorneys who carry the distinction of being Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

In-Depth Consultations


Our Mission

Using every aspect of our extensive experience and expertise, we dedicate ourselves fully to secure the best possible result for our clients while providing the highest caliber client experience.


James’ extensive experience as a former Chief Felony Prosecutor gives him unique insight into the charges you face and how to beat them.


Board Certification in Criminal Law gives him the expertise to utilize every legal option and defense applicable to your case.

Client Experience

When you hire James, You get James. Personal calls, frequent meetings, and constant updated communication related to your case.


We dedicate ourselves daily to our mission of providing the best possible result while providing the highest caliber experience.

How We Work

Our Intake Process

Initial Consultation. In the comfort of our office, we take the time necessary to discuss the legal challenge you are facing and the solutions and services we provide. We understand the seriousness of your case and want to provide you with the opportunity and environment to get the answers you need on how to best address your case.
Contract and Fee Structure. At the conclusion of the initial consultation, contractual provisions and the fee for providing the legal representation are discussed. Once the contract is signed, the fee paid (fee payment plans, Buy Now Pay Later may be available), legal representation begins.
Legal Representation. At this point, we begin our aggressive legal representation to achieve the solutions discussed at the initial consultation. The solutions are shaped by the law and individual facts of your specific case. We update you constantly to ensure you are able to make decisions regarding your case as events occur.
Resolution. Upon the completion of your case and all contractual obligations, our legal representation concludes. Our sincerest hope is that your case was resolved in your desired fashion.
Returning Clients and Referrals. Two of the greatest affirmations to the quality and caliber of our legal services is the return of a previous client for additional services and the referral of a new client by a former client. Both of these situations are treated with the same degree of importance, by starting the process anew with an initial consultation.

Our Process Helps Us Drive Unique Value For Our Clients

One-on-one client engagement

2. Contract and Fee Structure

Once the contract is signed, the fee paid, legal representation begins.

3. Legal Representation

We begin our aggressive legal representation.

4. Resolution

Our sincerest hope is that your case was resolved in your desired fashion.

5. Returning Clients and Referrals

affirmations to the quality and caliber of our legal services is the return of a previous clients.
Every client and case matters. From misdemeanor, to murder, I will use every aspect of my experience and expertise to get the result you deserve.

James Aulbaugh


Our Practice Areas

At the Aulbaugh Law Firm, we handle criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights claims throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the State of Texas.

Criminal Defense

Guidance through complex State and Federal criminal justice systems, addressing their unique laws, criminal acts, punishments, arrest, trial, sentencing, and parole.

Personal Injury

We protect you and seek every type of compensation in the event you or your property is injured or damaged because of someone’s negligence, act, or failure to act.

Civil Rights

Our firm will protect you by holding law enforcement officials and local governments responsible for police misconduct.

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