James Aulbaugh

James Aulbaugh


Meet James Aulbaugh

James Aulbaugh is one of the most sought after trial attorneys in the State, representing individuals in the Texas and Federal criminal justice systems, from initial investigation through trial.

James Aulbaugh is a graduate of Texas A&M University (B.S. A. Economics), the Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business (Master of Business Administration) and the Texas Tech University School of Law (Doctorate of Jurisprudence).

After law school, James Aulbaugh served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office for 13 years. During that time, James was assigned thousands of cases to prosecute, ranging from misdemeanors to Capital Murders. Outside of trial, James quickly developed a reputation for reasonableness, acute case analysis, fairness, and integrity while plea bargaining over a thousand cases and dismissing hundreds more. While in trial, James is known to be exceptionally well prepared, critically analytical, and incredibly persuasive to both Judge and Jury. James has participated in over 120 jury trials. As lead prosecutor, James never lost a capital felony trial, first degree felony trial, second degree felony trial, or third degree felony trial.

James held a number of leadership positions while at the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, including Felony Chief Trial Court Prosecutor and Misdemeanor Division Deputy Chief Prosecutor, where he was responsible for the oversight and training of 35 prosecutors. James was also tasked with the training of rookie police officers at numerous municipality police academies in the skills necessary for successful prosecution.

In July 2021, James left the District Attorney’s office to establish the Aulbaugh Law Firm. James now uses his skills, resources, and expertise in the defense of those accused of crimes and those injured by another’s negligence.

As of 2021, of the 106,591 attorneys in the State of Texas, James Aulbaugh is 1 of only 800 attorneys who are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Recent Results

2021 – 2022

Dallas County:

Sexual Assault – No Billed by the Grand Jury
Assault Family Violence – Dismissed
Assault Family Violence – Dismissed
Robbery – Case Not Filed by Police Agency
Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon –  No Billed
Possession of a Controlled Substance – No Billed
Felony DWI with a .28 Blood Test – Misdemeanor / Time Served

Collin County:

Felony Theft – Rejected by the District Attorney’s Office

Tarrant County:

Felony Assault Family Violence – No Billed by the Grand Jury

Van Zandt County:

Resisting Arrest – Rejected by District Attorney’s Office
Public Intoxication – Dismissed

Marion County:

Felony Evading Arrest – Probation Revocation Withdrawn

Gregg County:

DWI – Probation Revocation Withdrawn

Notable Trials as Lead Prosecutor

Capital Murder



James doesn’t lose!

James doesn’t lose! He is amazing, caring, thorough, and compassionate. He fought for me and made me feel so at ease with my case. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. He would check on me and make sure I was ok regularly. Honestly I’ve never felt so comfortable that an attorney was so capable of taking care of everything. Thank you James for all your hard work and taking a stressful situation and making me feel so at ease! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone needing an incredible attorney who DOES NOT LOSE! 👊🏻

- Charity Bond

Aulbaugh Places You At The Front Of The Line

James Aulbaugh is a calm, professional, thorough litigator. He can provides satisfactory resolution to pending litigation. He also constructs options in adversarial situations where none seem to exist.
Aulbaugh has more than decade experience on both sides of the court room. His trial experience serves his clients well whether the issue is major or minor.

Aulbaugh’s concierge service provides peace of mind from honest, deliberate representation.

- Stephen

One of the best lawyer u can work with

I can’t describe how much this gentleman Mr. James Aulbaugh , is one of the most noble professional and respectfull attorney I ve been communicating with for a consultation, I ve been charged 10 months ago with a criminal and civil charge and I reached out to him for consultation after been recommended by many friends. Without hiring him or him charging me any fees he was answering and replying to all my text messages and my calls not just one but thousands of times , he gave me and clarify what is going on with my case. My civil case isn’t solved yet and absolutely if down the road I need and should hire someone who works to help me and not working against me, I m sure I will be doing a successful job working with Mr James. Thank you Sir for all your support and your expertise you provided me with. All respect and appreciate you.

- Toni

Great lawyer.

Hello my name is Kwayne, I am a 56 yr old successful gay man. I recently lost my husband of 21 yrs. The story I am about to share with you is very very real. My husband and I met a waiter named “Joe”… we have known him for 14 yrs. He is like a son too us. Well “ Joe” asked if he could move in with me after my husband passed … he was scared I would do something bad and end my life. Our adopted son if you will “Joe” had some legal issues… Sooooo we met this incredible Lawyer… Mariola,,,she referred us to an Expert Attorney named James R. Aulbaugh III He is an amazing human being. He went above and beyond to get “Joe” safe. You rarely meet such amazing people. James listened to our story and took care of it . I have known many lawyers in my life but I have never ever been more pleased with James professionalism and someone who is on your side! You won’t find a better Attorney! He is a class act ,,, we have the same taste in Luccece boots and his wife loves purple! My favorite color! KW…. James man thank you thank!!!!!!

- Kelly

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